Liugong Advantages

Advanced equipment casting quality

The core advantage of Liugong Graphite is that it has a variety of advanced advanced processing equipment, which is the advantage of Liugong to gallop in the world graphite market. Liugong Graphite has advanced graphite production equipment, including six-axis CNC lathes, graphite professional CNC CNC machining centers, CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, large graphite sawing machines, surface grinders and other equipment. Liugong Graphite can receive all kinds of CAD files. We produce graphite parts with tolerances around 0.01mm.

Source manufacturers worry-free quality

We can recommend suitable graphite types and specifications for you according to your needs. We can also provide impregnation, baking, coating and graphitization services to meet the different needs of customers. In order to meet the quality requirements of customer standards, our quality inspectors carefully record and strictly inspect each process and component. We strictly follow the standard operating procedures of each graphite part production process to ensure product consistency.

smooth communication people-oriented

Liugong Graphite has a high-level and highly educated domestic and foreign sales team. If you have any graphite products you need to consult, you can directly call us or send an email to contact us. We respect the background and opinions of employees and encourage employees to express their opinions. At the same time, we employ experts with more than 25 years of experience in the graphite industry, professional CAD designers and technicians with many years of graphite processing to meet customer needs.



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