Introducing graphite professional R&D talents to boost the scientific research force of the Sixth Industry to a higher level

Science and technology are endless productive forces. Liugong Graphite has always adhered to the principle of “establishing a factory with science and technology”, insisting on continuously introducing professional graphite R&D talents, expanding the company’s talent team, and laying a solid backing for the company’s development.
On August 18, 2020, Henan Liugong Graphite Co., Ltd. held a technical talent introduction policy fulfillment meeting. General Manager Xu of Liugong Graphite awarded 50,000 yuan of settlement allowance to a group of graduate talents of the company in the past year.
Since 2020, Liugong Graphite Group has been carrying out the “Talents Entering Liugong” activity, and the introduction of talents has gone deep into colleges and universities in the province, and a large number of scientific and technological talents have come to Liugong for employment. Huang Fei came to work at Liugong Graphite during this talent introduction activity.
Liugong Graphite is a high-tech enterprise integrating technology research and development and production transformation. The company’s research and development projects have been focusing on the field of advanced graphite carbon new materials. Implementing the talent strategy is the company’s focus. Caring for scientific and technological personnel has become the company’s normal work. Liugong Group has always tried its best to provide an excellent learning, working and living environment for scientific and technological R&D personnel.
Graduate student Huang Fei said at the policy implementation meeting: “Since I have worked in Liugong Graphite for a year, I have deeply felt that Liugong Graphite emphasizes credibility and positive energy! The corporate culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. I am in such a harmonious technical team. The technical seniors of Liugong have learned a lot of advanced research and development methods. It is my honor to be able to participate in the scientific research project of professional graphite new material research and development as soon as I leave the school. .I am determined to contribute my beautiful youth to the research and development of Liugong, reciprocate and do my best.”



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