Liugong Graphite adds “heavy equipment” to help the Group’s graphene production capacity reach a new height

Science and technology are productive forces. Since its establishment, Liugong Graphite Group has attached great importance to scientific and technological research and development. The competition among countries in the world is in the final analysis the competition of talents and the competition of advanced production equipment. This is also true for the graphite industry. High-intelligence talents and sophisticated production equipment are the two major elements for Liugong Graphite Group to gallop in the development of the graphite industry. “If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools.” Advanced production equipment is a prerequisite for producing good products. In addition, advanced analysis and testing equipment is an important means to ensure product quality. Accurate analysis of the purity of the company’s high-purity graphite, graphite molds, graphene, nano-graphite powder and other products, this time together with graphene production equipment, a ProdigyDCArc spectrometer (Leeman) and scanning electron microscope (Japan, Hitachi) have been purchased with huge sums of money. And ATR8300 self-focusing microscope Raman imaging spectrometer. On July 27, 2020, the installation and commissioning of the three instruments were completed and officially put into use!

The Prodigy DC arc spectrometer purchased by Liugong Group is a high-precision large-scale analysis and detection instrument that can directly analyze solid samples with low solid sample detection (<0.1ppm) on the market. It is also a current Prodigy in Henan Province. DC arc spectrometer, there are few domestic units with this instrument, this instrument can realize direct and rapid quantitative analysis of trace elements in solid samples such as graphite and graphene, and the purity can be detected to 99.9999%.

Features of the Prodigy DC Arc Spectrometer:

  1. It can realize the direct analysis of complex samples without the digestion process of the samples. A wide range of samples can be detected, including: graphite powder, ceramics and glass, metal oxides, carbides, borides and nitrides, insoluble powders such as SiC, precious metals and other metals, graphite powder, geological raw materials, relatively raw materials (uranium oxide) , plutonium oxide), soil, silt, coal ash, paint, etc. 2. The analysis speed is fast, and the full spectrum is read directly. Usually less than 1 minute per sample. 3. High accuracy, high resolution and low detection. Typically < 1 ppm solid material.

The Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope FlexSEM1000 purchased by Liugong Graphite Group adopts a newly designed electron optical system and a high-reliability and high-sensitivity detector with a resolution of up to 4nm. With a variety of automation functions, it is easy to operate without direct detection without gold spraying. The navigation function “SEMMAP” can quickly switch the electron microscope photos to the high-magnification field of view with one key. The instrument can realize the observation of the morphology of graphite and graphene, the imaging is clearer and has a three-dimensional sense, and the fine structure of the graphene surface can be observed.

Optronics ATR8300-self-focusing micro-Raman imaging spectrometer combines the advantages of both microscopes and Raman spectrometers. The visual positioning Raman detection platform enables the observer to detect the Raman signals of different surface states on the sample, and can simultaneously display the micro-area morphology of the detected position on the computer, which facilitates the Raman micro-area detection. At the same time, ATR8300 uses high-performance Raman specially optimized for micro-Raman system, whether it is sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, stability, etc., all reach the industry’s high level, and can analyze the number of graphene layers, stacking methods, defects, etc. Structure edge, doping, etc., the instrument provides a strong guarantee for the quality inspection of Huasheng’s redox graphene and other products.

As a technology-based enterprise, Liugong Graphite Group has invested heavily in the introduction of these three advanced instruments, which have a wide range of functions, high detection accuracy and stable performance. Sixth work product quality control level, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in science and technology.

Based on the tenet of openness and sharing, Liugong Graphite wholeheartedly provides professional, fast and high-quality analysis and testing services for units with relevant needs. All enterprises, institutions, universities and research institutes are welcome to come to our company for analysis and testing.



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