Liugong Graphite First Model Deeds Tour Report Meeting Successfully Concluded

In May 2021, Liugong Graphite held a series of May 1 Labor Day activities, which created a good and accurate laborer atmosphere in the company and improved the cohesion among employees.
In order to celebrate the “May 1st” Labor Day, carry forward the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and craftsmanship, create a strong cultural atmosphere of “great workers and glorious labor”, stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to love their jobs and work hard, and strive to realize the company’s operation. Development goals, from May 1st to 28th, Liugong Graphite held 6 reports on the deeds of the pioneers with the theme of “Liugong’s Dream Chasers Contribute to a New Era”. , more than 170 cadres and workers from the group headquarters and various companies attended the report meeting.
At the report meeting, the representative of the team leader of the sixth workshop, the model worker, the representative of the party member vanguard, the team leader, and other 6 pioneering model figures, focusing on their respective work and learning, in simple and sincere language from different perspectives, told about their hard work The touching deeds of study, love and dedication, hard work and striving for creation. They have made extraordinary deeds in ordinary positions, which are both touching and inspiring. The majority of cadres and workers have received a good ideological education, professional quality education and six-work sentiment education. The report meeting received a strong response. The cadres and employees of various companies expressed their desire to learn from the representatives of the first models, setting off an upsurge of learning from the first models, advocating the first models, and striving to be the first models, united, inspired, and strived to achieve business goals.
General Manager Xu of Liugong Graphite attached great importance to the event and put forward a request before the meeting, emphasizing the need to effectively publicize the advanced deeds of the model through the publicity and report activities of the model, and guide and motivate the majority of employees to take the role model around them as an example, stand on the post, and strive for excellence. Create, strive to be six workers in the new era, and make positive contributions to the realization of the six goals. After the meeting, Mr. Xu had a discussion with 6 representatives of the first model. Encourage them to guard against arrogance and impatience, continue to work hard, continue to play a leading role as a model, and lead more employees to make greater contributions to the development of the enterprise.



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