Liugong Graphite held a work summary in the first half of the year and a training meeting for middle and high-level cadres

General Manager Xu of the group company made a semi-annual work summary report, commented on the production and operation conditions in the first half of the year, pointed out the problems and deficiencies of each company, and arranged and deployed key tasks in the second half of the year. Mr. Xu pointed out that in the face of the severe and complex economic situation at home and abroad, all companies have fully implemented high-quality development strategies around the business goals and tasks set at the beginning of the year, and further promoted the conversion project of new and old kinetic energy. In management improvement, technological innovation, market development and brand building With efforts in other aspects and taking multiple measures simultaneously, all work has achieved positive results. In the case of a slight decline in the scale of production and sales, the benefits have increased significantly, and the quality of business operations has been significantly improved.

Mr. Xu emphasized that the sudden epidemic had a great impact on the development of the group this year. All cadres and workers should have a clear understanding of this and make adequate preparations. The main tasks for the second half of the year are: identify the gap, recognize the situation, strive to complete the annual business goals, lay a solid foundation and prepare for the various tasks next year, continue to focus on high-quality development, adhere to the market as the center, and focus on Well the following works. Production management should focus on the two keys of efficiency and cost, improve the level of automation and intelligent production; continue to implement life engineering to improve product quality; pay close attention to key projects, and plan marketing work for next year as soon as possible; strengthen information construction and guide companies Research and establish a management model that is consistent with its own business characteristics to improve management efficiency; implement the “Liu Gong Graphite Medium and Long-term Product Planning”, increase research on advanced technology, and enhance the development potential of the enterprise; strengthen the construction of cadres, and strive to create inclusive, harmonious, and Harmonious working environment; in combination with the actual production and operation of the enterprise, carry out the party-mass work in the new era.

On the road of building the Sixth Industry, as long as we always maintain the determination and courage to overcome difficulties, we will be able to overcome the current difficulties and create a more brilliant tomorrow! Let us cheer up our spirits, bury our heads in hard work, sprint together towards the business goals for the second half of the year, and deliver excellent performance and satisfactory answers!

In order to adapt to the new situation and new requirements faced by the development of the enterprise and improve the comprehensive quality of middle and high-level cadres, after the work summary meeting in the first half of the year, the group company invited experts from advanced management training company Cadres teach on the spot. Taking “Why do I work” as the starting point, the training experts guided the trainees to think deeply, and combined with the cases in daily management work, systematically explained the eight standards of the executive team, namely: taking responsibility as pride and complaining as shame ; proud of self-help, ashamed of others; proud of utilization, ashamed of groping; proud of investment, ashamed of debt; proud of results, ashamed of task; proud of crisis, ashamed of desire Shame; proud of the batch, ashamed of the craftsmanship; proud of the action, ashamed of the talk. Mr. Liu’s explanation was simple and vivid, vivid and rich in content, which deepened the cadres’ understanding, understanding and perception of management work. Everyone said that the training felt a lot, touched a lot, and had a full sense of gain.

After the training, the general manager Xu of the group company made a summary of the training, and hoped that all the cadres would take this training as an opportunity to improve their work attitude, work methods, work style and work performance in an all-round way. Everyone should be diligent in thinking, apply what they have learned, and put the theoretical knowledge learned through training into practical work in the future, so as to contribute to the rapid development of the group company.



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